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The definition of eviction

Eviction is the process or action of legally removing a tenant that is residing at a premises.

In South Africa there are 3 types of tenant eviction processes:

What to do when you as a landlord want to evict a tenant:

When thinking about evicting your tenant you need to understand the different eviction laws, to ensure you follow the right processes. It's also important not to take matters into your own hands. In order for you to keep the law on your side and make the process as painless and easy as possible, you need to follow the right procedures.

You also need to understand that evicting someone is an unpleasant situation that will damage the relationship you have with your tenant.

If you are thinking about evicting your tenant, make sure you have a lawful reason to do so.

Typical reasons to lawfully evict a tenant include:

Also remember to document the proof of your tenant doing any of the above.

The eviction process in South Africa:

When evicting a tenant it’s important to follow the procedure set out by the PIE Act. It is also highly recommended to make use of a lawyer when dealing with an eviction, as it will ensure that the correct procedures are followed and the process will be handles easily and effectively.

The tenant has the following rights during the eviction process:

More about De Meyer De Vries Attorneys and how we can help you:

De Meyer De Vries Attorneys is a boutique legal firm that was established in 2008. We specialise in various form of law, such as handling eviction cases. We strive to provide all our clients with a tailor made, perfectly fitted solution to their legal matters. We offer a team of professional lawyers that are dedicated and solution driven.

For more information on the eviction process in South Africa or assistance in evictions ot other legal services, please contact us.

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