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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the process whereby you approach a Court for relief sought against any person who has caused you damages. South African Law is based on Roman Dutch law and in terms of the Aquilian action, you are entitled to recover damages you may have suffered from the wrongdoer. Our firm practices in all areas of civil litigation from breach of contract, injuries sustained, police brutality, building Contracts, Product liability to ordinary everyday occurrences which caused you damage.

In addition should you need assistance with the winding up of deceased estates, the drafting of your Last Will and Testaments, and enquiries on Trusts do not hesitate to contact De Meyer De Vries Attorneys. Our team is fully equipped to assist you.

If you made the mistake of not having insurance on your vehicle, we can assist you with a claim for damages to your vehicle, resulting from a motor vehicle accident, so irrespective whether it’s a new or old vehicle; call us to assess the merits of your case. Similarly, should your vehicle be damaged as a result of hitting a pothole, a claim may be possible against the responsible department.

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