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Our ongoing case on behalf of our client, Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren, against Toyota continues. Our investigation revealed that the airbags in Mr. Darren's vehicle only deployed partially. Mr. Darren and his colleagues where lucky to have survived. The accident occurred on the Kameelfontein-road in north east of Pretoria while Mr. Darren was driving his Toyota Fortuner. He sustained a severe skull fracture, 11 broken ribs and, according to his doctor, he also sustained damage to the part of his brain that controls eye movement due to the fact that the airbags in the vehicle didn't deploy properly. He's also experiencing vision problems in his left eye and, due to these problems, is forced to use an eye patch.

Life goes on for Mr. Darren as he continues his successful singing career. He understands that his injury can have detrimental effects to his hearing which, in turn, could negatively impact his career but he hasn't experienced any problems thus far. "Life goes on and other people have gone through a lot worse than me. I'm 100% fine" he was reported as saying yesterday to the press. He also said that, whenever he speaks, it sounds like he's speaking in a large room but that it doesn't bother him. He's currently working on new songs for his new album, due to be released at the beginning of November this year. One of the best optometrists in the country is treating Mr. Darren?s eye injury and only time will tell whether his injuries will adequately heal.

But all these calamities won't stop our brave client. Mr. Darren is speculating on a title for his new album. "We're not sure about the title yet but everyone wants us to name it 'Pirate'. That is the title of my new song. I don't know but I don't want to profit from my accident" he was reported as saying. Unfortunately, Mr. Darren is still required to wear the eye patch and, according to his doctor, it may have to be worn for the next 3 years.

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