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Our legal battle, with us representing Mr. Darren's legal interests, with Toyota continues. As you may have read in our previous blog entry, at our client's behest, we constituted an investigative team consisting of an accident reconstruction specialist, a mechanical engineer and a seatbelt specialist. Our client, Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren, was involved in an accident with two of his colleagues in his Toyota Fortuner last year. Mr. Darren sustained a severe fractured skull and broke several ribs. Mr. Darren claims that the airbags of his Fortuner didn't open on impact and Toyota, South Africa are making claims to the contrary. As one of the best law firms in South Africa, it is our duty to our client to investigate the veracity of these claims.
In order to understand our case and as a matter of reference, we are also investigating similar previous claims. It is important to us and to our client to find the truth regarding this matter. We're also considering a product liability claim leveled against Toyota. Spokesperson for Toyota South Africa, Leo Kok, claims that such a failure has never occurred in their vehicles. He also further stated that he's not aware of the legal team investigating Toyota's claims but wishes for a speedy and successful conclusion to this matter. Toyota would also like to inspect Mr. Darren's vehicle in order to verify his claims.
Our client, Mr. Darren, is still experiencing medical problems from this unfortunate incident. Apart from sustaining a skull fracture and 11 broken ribs, he's also experiencing vision problems in his left eye which forces him to wear an eye patch during performances. His brother, Darryn van Heerden, has informed us that Mr. Darren frequently experiences pain and even has difficulty walking short distances. It frustrates him to no end and it hinders his performances. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

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