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When it comes to legal presentation, especially in regards to personal injury, there is no better option than De Meyer & De Vries Attorneys. Adequate legal representation in personal injury cases is paramount to a favorable outcome. Our client, famous Afrikaans performer Kurt Darren, is currently pursuing legal steps against Toyota regarding his motor vehicle accident on July 7, 2013. Our client claims that the airbags in his Toyota Fortuner did not open on impact which caused him to sustain a severe skull fracture and 11 broken ribs. He was travelling with two of his colleagues, his agent Mr. Marnus Bisschof and his assistant Ms. Nadia van Rensburg, who also sustained minor injuries. We are currently conducting extensive investigations on behalf of Mr. Darren.
Spokesperson for Toyota, South Africa, Leo Kok, vehemently claims that the vehicle operated by our client during the accident was functioning normally. As representatives of Mr. Darren's legal interests it is our duty to investigate the veracity of these claims. On behest of Mr. Darren we assembled a team of experts to investigate Toyota's claims. Due to the fact that both Mr. Darren and Toyota has appointed legal representation, our findings concerning Toyota's claims cannot be revealed at this time. The accident took place near Roodeplaatdam in Pretoria. The injuries sustained by Mr. Darren may be severely detrimental to his singing career and his livelihood therefore it's very important for us to act swiftly to protect our client?s interests.
As always, please regularly check our blog for updates on this case. Here, at De Meyer & De Vries you can always rely on professional legal representation covering all facets of the law. Our attorneys are some of the most skilled and can readily assist you in any matter.

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