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Delia Liezl De Vries Profile

Delia Liezl De Vries is an attorney in private practice, based in Pretoria, South Africa. She specialises in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury and Police Brutality matters.

Delia attended the Judges Training Course for aspiring Judges and lectured part-time for candidate attorneys at the Law Society of South Africa. She also has agreed with the Law Society of South Africa, to lecture Matrimonial Property Law, Family Law and the Children’s Act for Admitted Attorneys.

She is a registered Poslec-Sita Education and Training Development Practitioner, a member of the Randburg Chamber of Commerce and an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Company Secretaries and Administrators.  She is also an Associate Member of the International Lawyers Network.

Her legal career started at the University of South Africa in the Department of Private Law. Her mentor was the co-writer of the South African Constitution, Professor Marinus Wiechers, who was also the Chancellor of the University of South Africa.  

When Guardian National Insurance Company withdrew from the consortium of Insurance companies that handled claims on behalf of the, then Multilateral Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, later the Road Accident Fund. Delia was recruited as a Claims Manager for the new Road Accident Fund.  She later became the Acting Regional Manager of the Johannesburg Branch of the Road Accident Fund.

After spending years in the Corporate world she went into private practice as an attorney.  She was headhunted by Routledge-Modise (now Eversheads International) one of the top 10 law firms in South Africa.  Finding large legal corporations to stifling, Delia joined forces with Attorney Monique Woods.  She took over the practice, of Monique Woods, De Vries & Gwetsa upon the demise of Monique Woods.  

Whilst still practicing in Johannesburg she entered into a partnership with the Expert Criminal Lawyer, Oeloff Abraham De Meyer, in Pretoria, De Meyer is known for his defence of the so-called Waterkloof Four and many other high profile criminal cases.

Delia has successfully sued the Premier of Gauteng Province and other Provincial Health Departments as well as Private Practitioners for the negligent treatment of hundreds of patients under their care.  

She was involved in the highly publicised case of Alex Carmichele. Carmichele successfully sued the Ministers of Police and Justice for gross negligence after they failed to act when she reported that has had been stalked by a person known to her and that she feared for her life. The suspect who had a criminal record and was out on bail. He later brutally attacked her and she was lucky to  escape with her life.

Delia was the attorney of record in the product liability case of Kurt Darren, the talented Afrikaans singer and local star. Darren was a passenger in a vehicle that left the road when the driver tried to avoid another vehicle that had turned in front of them. The airbags of the Toyota Fortuner that Darren was a passenger in failed to deploy, resulting in him suffering serious injury, including the loss of focus in one of his eyes and aquatic difficulties that if permanent could have ended his career.

She was also involved in a number of high profile cases of police brutality, which included the rape of two women, one in police custody and the other being driven to a police station because her husband was pulled over for an alleged traffic offence, which featured on the award-winning local actuality programme, Carte Blanche.  

Delia made news headlines when she assisted Onica Motau who claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of the late Nelson Mandela. Delia also assisted, two women from Bloemfontein who claimed that their mother was the another illegitimate love child of the late Madiba and as such they are his illegitimate grandchildren. The case will remain unsolved until such one of the former SA President’s daughters, Makwanazi, Zinzi and Zanile are prepared to give DNA samples, which is the only way to finalise the matter. To date they have refused.

Delia also acted as a legal expert for both local and International television channels, radio stations and print media before and during the Oscar Pistorius trial.  She was one of the few legal commentators that openly stated that he did not receive a fair trial. She was also of the opinion that the parents of the late Reeva Steenkamp, should have disclosed that they were receiving money from Pistorius after the death of their daughter. She was also openly critical about the role of the ANC Women’s League who made a political spectacle of the court case.

Delia is working with various organisations that create awareness of the South African Police Service ‘s abuse of power. She wants the public to be informed of their rights in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act and not accept harassment and intimidation.

She does not regard herself as an activist but regards it her duty to defend the innocent who cannot defend themselves. She supports and assists people who had been affected in worthy cases on a Pro Deo basis.

Delia believes what you give out, you get back. She also is most interested in the psychology of crime and the criminal that commits it. She is fascinated by the ongoing search by scientist who claim that they are close to isolating the gene that causes criminal behaviour.

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